What is DUSE?

DUSE is an online sports & lifestyle experience magazine.

DUSE looks for the inspirations between sports & Lifestyle as they are linked like Venus & Serena, Kobe & Shaq, Messi & CR7 or simply Jordan & your toes. Each month we offer you a different city, hook up with the most influential sport’s teams or events and guide you through this select and passionate world where sports & lifestyle come as one to define our culture.

DUSE celebrates the doers and movers of our culture. In other words DUSE is the platform that personifies those who paved the way as well as the influencers of today and tomorrow.

DUSE aims to be a window for our culture seeking goals through knowledge, where words of mouth equal words of a mouse. DUSE is YOU!

DUSE is not a one-man band. We constantly seek to collaborate and magnify the work of those who share and embodies our culture. If you are one of those guys, feel free to reach out to us and we would be delighted to share your art, passion, and dedication to the world.

DUSE is your complementary source of sports & lifestyle content. we offer exclusive and tailor-made contents to you to make that perfect fit. Our network allows us to reach out to the doers & movers of today sports culture. No gossip no cheap scoop just real talk is the DUSE way!