As announced, the Premier League launched the Premier League Hall of Fame for the first time on 27th April 2021 and needless to say: this kick-off has set the tone with the induct of Thierry Henry.

Thierry Henry, the football player who stood alone since the France-Ireland trial, got the perception of being arrogant, being a cheater, and even a shame for the French country managed to survive the probably worst period of his career! More! He grew stronger and better than ever! The French media spit on him, detested him, turned their back on him. Little did they know that they were doing him a favor. The Gunners legend did not only fight his way through this awful period, but he also kept on going till he reached the top! He showed an unseen strength and that was admirable, being a true inspiration for everyone trying to make it in the football world. Thierry Henry has always known his worth and while people, even his own peers, surrounded him with negativity, he stood with those who were able to see him as the genuine person he was (and still is) and that is what mental strength is all about!

For the Premier League Hall of Fame kick-off, the Premier League pays tribute to Thierry Henry’s amazing football career in the UK field by inducing “Titi” to the Premier League Hall of Fame. World Cup 98 Champ, European Soulier d’Or, Highest Goal Scorer, even a statue in the Arsenal stadium, Thierry Henry is definitely a track star, and together with Alan Shearer, he is becoming the first player to be introduced to the Premier League Hall of Fame while not being loved at his fair value in France, home country.

Thierry Henry was born and raised in Ulis (France) where he began to play football before being spotted by AS Monaco at the age of 17, which, a few years later, led him to be a part of the French national football team. In 1998 he won the World Cup with France’s national team, being introduced as the highest goal scorer in France, and from that point onwards the love story with the French public started. Being the champ that he was – proficient, bold, and furtive – of course, he joined the Arsenal team in London, where all his potency was shown as a four-times best goal scorer in the Premier League and the Arsenal history, with even an erected statue of himself in the stadium as a result! He was (and still is) a legend.

According to The Telegraph, Thierry Henry is still showing love to those who love him back and rumor has it that he, together with Patrick Vieira, Denis Bergkamp, and the help of Spotify-founder Daniel Ek, is interested in buying Arsenal. As the mainstream media announced on 28th April, a formal offer in the region of £1.8 billion is expected to be made in the next 10 days to test the claim of Kroenke’s son Josh, a director at Arsenal, that the club is not for sale.

Noella Mbu @nohailambuji