Let me tell you about the first time I met Mr. #TotOuTard.

I was in Paris on the verge to shoot a commercial with one of the most charismatic player of the PSG. Nope, I am not talking about Neymar Jr, Killian or even Edison. I’m talking about Belgium’s own, Thomas Meunier.

So here I am, waiting with my team on the parking lot for the man and his crew to show up. Felt like newly adapted set up of Michael Jackson’s Bad video clip…but let’s face it, I was more Wesley Snipe than MJ in this current situation. This being said, having a player from the prestigious PSG on the streets of Aubervilliers in Paris already seemed like a miracle on its own.

picture by The Late Light.
— Thomas Meunier from the PSG greeted by Duke Tshomba @the Hooops Factory.

So here we are, parking lot pimpin’ until the man of the hour showed up with his entourage. You know how it goes, right? You go the direct crew and the subsidiary crew, which is composed of the PR and manager. However, it didn’t take long before I got hit by Thomas natural charisma. Here is nothing more refreshing to meet someone who is feeling good in shoes because he knows the value of work and family. That’s exactly what stood out the most with him. Not to mention that Mr. #TotOuTard also has a few basketball notions, so you know this doesn’t go unnoticed with me!

Thomas Meunier on stage for @DuseMagazine
— Thomas Meunier on stage for @DuseMagazine


As the interview flows like a Big Tigga freestyle session in the booth, it seemed clearer that TM is what I could call a true Renaissance man. They come that often nowadays, especially not from the pitch.

From Kandisky to Eden Hazard and from Stan Smith to Mercedes Benz, we found ourselves flowing like Q-Tip in Do You Dig U?

The Red Devil even managed to throw me a fashion challenge. As you know me, I surely took it on. But for the result of it, stay tuned for our Special Delivery coming soon.



Story by Duke Tshomba|@DukeTshomba