Overnight success is an Instagram story.

Kryme | Dupay

So, we decided to bring the focus back on the essence of sport. Forget about the “bling bling” side of the game. As we know, what separate the winners from the rest is their work ethic and their ability to push their limit to new boundaries.

Evan Fournier the star shooting guard of the Orlando Magic and the FIBA French National team is a prime example of it. His work ethic is second to none. As his drive and love for the game remains one of the purest we’ve seen in years. What strike us the most is its dedication to empower the next generation.

Evan Fournier teaching the next generation

By giving an all-access to one of his daily work out, the next generation can see how the road to success has no shortcut. Add to that the narrative of Damian Lee,one of the most talented trainers on planet basketball and you end up with a killer combo.

Dorian Lee WOP.

Welcome to the Work Out Plan.