Simply put, the first edition of the DUSE Urban Sports Festival was the BOMB!

Kryme | Dupay

It’s been a long time coming but the first edition of the DUSE Urban Sports Festival    did not disappoint. Beside the rain, and Hazard injury, the party was rocking as the Atomium avenue became the stage of the urban culture powered by DUSE friends and family.

Jaouad Achab @DuseFestival 2019

Youssef Boughanem @DuseFestival 2019

Wen Mukubu @DuseFestival 2019

Ibrahim Johnson aka Traphouse @DuseFestival 2019

Lokyto aka Mr Boom Shaka Laka @Duse Festival 2019

DJ Psar @DuseFestival 2019


The vibe was right and the competition were tight. From the ballers to the MC’s, everyone shined bright under the lights of the Atomium. Fans of the game were treated properly by watching the season opener of the BVB 09 in the Bundesliga and the Real Madrid performing at an already midseason form.

Winners @Duse Festival 2019

DUSE Festival 2019

While some got their inspiration from the pro, they could also feel like them by testing out the new Puma One boot on sight.

Puma One @Duse Festival 2019

Puma One @Duse Festival 2019


Panna Challenge @Duse Festival 2019

You can talk about the Duse Urban Sports Festival without talking about DEMA  ‘s masterpieces,one the best street artist in world. His vision and passion for humanity live through his art, and the result was simply stunning.

Street art by DEMA @Duse Festival 2019

Street art by DEMA @Duse Festival 2019
Street art by DEMA @Duse Festival 2019

Needless to say that we were thrilled by the first edition. So big up to the ever growing DUSE Family. We thank you for being there and share your love for the culture with us. So, get ready for next year because we will take dopeness to another level, the DUSE WAY!