Heard it through the grapevine that the GLE Coupe is an SUV with the heart & soul of a sports car.
Thoroughbred power, from the place where horse are raised.
Man, when you read those words, it sounds as nice as Marvin Gaye record.

mercedes-benz-gle_coupe-2015-photo-i05-800On the other hand, let’s be real. Yes, the GLE Coupe reminds us a whole lot of another German sports car. Yes, on the first sight, it definitely looks like “Déjà Vu” but since when, us men, we believed in love at first sight? In order to love it, we have to consume it, right?

So it’s exactly what we did. We went on a ride with that lovely babe called GLE Coupe.

Obviously from its stronger turbo boost to a dynamic exhaust system the V6 or the V8 in the GLE Coupe heightens power, torque and the emotion they inspire in true enthusiasts.

So it did not take long before we started be on our worst behavior with that lovely new Benz on the block, especially when you see the AMG tag on it, you fully understand that you are in for a treat.

mercedes-benz-gle_coupe-2015-photo-i01Pure sports coupe response, in a genuine SUV, the AMG SPORT’s name – lives up to its legend.

The Dynamic select lets the driver choose among five mode from sublime comfort to the highly athletic sport+.

With a new 9 speed automatic transmission joining forces with AMG performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive to put the GLE Coupe ample torque to the best use at each wheel, on any road. When we say any road, we mean ANY road!

So in terms of performance, it’s safe to say that we clearly feel the strength of a Mercedes SUV coupled with the seduction of an AMG Coupe.

mercedes-benz-gle_coupe-2015-photo-012-800For those who know, you never judge a book by its cover. So when it comes to design, if you have an eye for it, it won’t take long before you understand whyLewis Hamilton is riding the GLE Coupe with style and grace in the beautiful city of Moscow .

Up-close, the GLE Coupe proves that style can equal substance. Nonetheless, when it comes to Mercedes, what we expect is comfort and sophistication. A hand-crafted character with redefined details and that’s exactly what we get soon as we step inside the all-new 2016 Mercedes SUV.

So regardless your first thought on the GLE Coupe, here is something different about it and as my brother would say, it starts to look like a keeper.

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Kryme Dupay @Dusemagazine