Swedish fashion and lifestyle are getting all up in your head.

H&M x Happy Plugs - Wind Collection
H&M x Happy Plugs – Wind Collection

Now, Happy Plugs decided to push it to the next level and get all up in your ears. In a world where colors matter, Happy Plugs invites you to pick yours. From a fusing state-of-the-art technology and minimalist Swedish design, they give you the ability to personalize your speakers or even your headphones. Peep this, you can even change the front grill to match your style, latest fashions and interior design trends.

H&M x Happy Plugs – Fire Collection

So it’s only right that when you position yourself at the forth front of design and fashion, you connect with those who share the same vision and increase your reach. Subsequently, their newest collaboration with H&M is right on point. This collection is based on the four elements – fire, water, earth and wind – and propose items from speakers to matching headphones.

H&M x Happy Plugs – Fire Headphones Mic & Remote

Our personal favorite is undeniably the Fire collection but Wind is as fresh as the winter breeze. So, we invite you to pick your own element and rock it like a happy plugged dude!

Exclusively available @ H&M online shop

Kryme Dupay @dusemagazine