The concept of KOBO is based on the fundamental idea of combining the art of the table and the life through flavors, sharing and conviviality.

KOBO translates into “Lingala”: (language spoken in Congo DRC) means black or the black man.

Sub Saharan Africa remains one of the most inspiring place on earth. So it’s only right than when its culture travels to our doorsteps, we have to embrace it and jump in the band wagon.

A sub Saharan African restaurant with a twist. – Diva

Going to KOBO will be like going on a journey to the motherland.
Imagine to awaken your senses at a stunning culinary culture, which will accompany you during every taste.
Kitchen wise, for some of you it will be a brand new tasting experience, a leap in time or return to the native land for others…


In other words, traditional dishes from Black Africa are revisited with finesse and delicacy.
Dishes such as the moambe chicken on mama koko’s way, the declination of Ceebu yapp (rice with beef), and our personal favorite the pondu (pounded cassava leaves) will soon have no secret for you anymore. Even the vegan of you haven’t be forgotten. There are some elaborate dishes such as the terrine of pumpkin seeds, lentils with vegetables and coconut milk.


Basically, according to our traditions, all the dishes are put at the center of the table. Going to KOBO means we eat, all together, the different dishes, and each of the guests will taste, discover, share and learn the diversity of our motherland’s kitchen.

So next time you come around Waterloo, know that you too can eat like a real lion.


Kryme Dupay @dusemagazine