Gangsters die young or they go to Florida, right?

In hip-hop, “Studio Gangsta” is a term we’ve been quite accustom to. Actually, most of those rappers out here are Studio Gangsta.

A Studio Gangsta is that one guy who falsely advertise his skills and lifestyle. No need to calling out name now, but I’m pretty sure you’ll easily weed out the fake.

As we are all aware of the intrinsic connection between hip-hop and NBA ballers, we felt like it was time to bring the spotlight on some of the most notorious studio gangsters of the NBA. Undeniably, the following top 5 of NBA Studio Gangsta will focus on those talented NBA players who managed to fool us with their skills and will to perform out of their comfort zone. Speaking of zone, some could call it coincidence, others would call it conspiracy, us we rather call it facts! Believe it or not, even if those guys did not move to Florida at the same time, they all wore a Phoenix Suns jersey at one point of their career. Maybe the transition from the Grand Canyon to South Beach is harder than we could think.


So without further do, here are our 5 nominees:

5. Channing Frye.

Known for his 3 points shots and his bible studies, Frye ended up in Orlando on the eve of the 2014 season. He was supposed to bring his unsung hero leadership to the young core of apprentice magicians and help his cousin, Tobias Harris. Eighteen months later, the cousins found their way out of Florida and Frye got a nice 8 million $ check for the season.

4. Jason Richardson.

The 3-peat NBA Slam Dunk champ brought the Suns back in the heat wave of the Western Conference. J-Rich felt like it was time to go on early pension to Orlando and cash his 14 million $ check. Advertised as the right hand man of a certain Dwight Howard, it seemed like the reality of that featuring went South. 105 million $ on his tab, J-Rich went into his golden retirement without leaving a tip.

3. Shawn Marion.

When your nickname is the Matrix and that you are the 2nd player in the history of the Suns to play 25000 minutes, it’s only right we expected the best was yet to come when he signed for 16 million $ with the Heat. Nevertheless, the Matrix did not take the right pill and his stay in Miami only last one season. Luckily for him, the blue pill fitted him better as he still managed to be the only Suns of our list to get a ring. However, Shawn is the living proof that you don’t need the picture perfect form of shoot to make 135 million $ in your career. This being said, the Matrix never lived up to his expectation when he came out of the desert of Arizona.

amare-stoudemire-channing-frye-phoenix-suns2. Amar’e Stoudemire

Stoudemire was once the most dominant force at the power forward… That was during his time in the desert. When he decided to take a bite at the Big Apple, he literally robbed the NY bank during five lucrative financial years. Let’s admit it, he knew when he was time to jump out the train and go South. Now at 33 and in Miami, he can plan his retirement at ease with the 166 million $ he stacked through his career. The good thing about it, is that he would be a great city guide for those who want to follow his path.

1. Joe Johnson.

Speaking of following a path. After 16 years and more than 174 million $ made in the League, we would have thought that Easy Joe would have been chasing the ultimate ring with the King. Unlikely so, as Joe decided to take his talent to South Beach after passing through Brooklyn, pretending to be new sheriff in town. Seems like being the number one guy never truly suited him. He is the living proof that if gangster don’t die young, they move to Florida.