In the NBA, every game has its own story…and we all know that one story can be told in many different ways. Thanks to the internet, folks have shown lots of creativity. Those NBA Finals have not always been up to level expectations we all had, but the wed didn’t disappointed us! So for you, DUSE Magazine decided to sum it up for you. So seat back, relax and make sure to laugh out loud.


The first two games at the Oracle Arena were not kind to the Cavaliers. They were simply no match for the Warriors. It was time for Lebron to get back home and get some help from his supporting cast. This is how it went down:


  • Dodge Ball with Chef Curry

Chef Curry is getting bash – rightfully so, according to his finals performances. However, we all know that all Curry needs, is the ball..and when he gets it, you better run for cover.

  • No Sweep for the King

Public opinion was quick to throw rocks at the throne after the first two games. Social media even started to talk about sweep. In order to sweep you need a broom, right? Check out what LBJ is thinking about it.

  • NBA Inception

As Leonardo Di Caprio said while playing Mr Cobb in Christopher Nolan’s Inception:

Cobb: “We create the world of a dream. We bring a subject into that dream and they fill it with their secrets.”

Here is how it worked on Draymond Green.

  • Are you Not Entertained?!

King James goes Maximus savage on the Warriors in Game 5.

  • Escape from Cleveland

It takes skills and determination to get out of the traps in the Quicken Loan Arena. Just peep how Stephen Curry and his Warriors got away with it.

  • Playing BIG

When the Splash brothers decide to play, they usually do it big. Don’t you agree?

  • World Wrestling Federation

Remember when ballers wanted to be rappers. Obviously, times have changed. Nowadays, ballers want to be wrestlers. I don’t personally think they are good at it. What do you think?

  • Where is the Love?

We all know that showing up on the court in the CAVS uniform maybe quite scary for any teams from the Eastern Conference. Yet, going West you’ll need more than your bag or uniforms to impress the defending champs. So we had to start to wonder: “ where is the Love?”

  • Frozen

When you play against someone who is hot, here is not much you can do. Except calling Uncle Drew. And he will be glad to freeze up one of the hottest man in the league. Watch it for yourself.

Jay Brizzy.