Ever wished to become the real BBQ King?

Picture this, a sunny, crisp Saturday afternoon. Football (or basketball for the purist) is on. You’re in the backyard with your boys. As usual, bragging and trash talking are on the menu. Not much is missing but a few slices of your favorite pizza would make it better. So instead of reaching out for your phone, let set the record straight with the fellows and let them know who’s the Don.  How? By becoming your own pizzaiolo. Think I’m playing? Just check out the latest award-winning UUNI 2S.

Here at DUSE, we simply felt in love with it. This wood-fired oven with stone baking board will simply take your bragging days to whole new level. Peep game, the UUNI 2S heats to a blazing 480°C for perfectly-cooked, wood-fired pizza in only 90 seconds — just in time to shut everybody mouth. Best of all, UUNI comes with all the equipment you need to start making pizzas right out of the box.



  • At only 10kg, the UUNI is ready for travel to steal the show at your next boys boarding meeting
  • Runs on energy-dense and inexpensive wood pellets, a sustainable energy source, readily available from the grocery store or hardware store
  • Easy to start and reaches 480°C in as little as 10 minutes
  • Once the UUNI reaches 480°C cooks medium pizzas in just 90 seconds
  • Great for anything that enjoys a short cooking time – steaks, vegetables, flatbreads and fish in addition to pizza


Admit it, you’re hungry now, don’t you? UUNI

Kryme Dupay @dusemagazine