When you talk Yacht & Jet money it’s hard not to spoil yourself a little, right?


Yacht owners have high standard when it comes to their boats. Just check out Roman Abramovich’s very interesting TOY or the floating palace of the royal family of Abu Dhabi.

We don’t need to be a yacht owner to aspire to this unique feeling when it comes to our expensive plaything. However, when you see the myriad of customization options & accessories available on those Van Dutch floater,  the only thing one could wish for is to go flex in the sea!


The sea is a different beast than the road. Thus, it’s only right your yachts ‘game is on point, if you want to sail the seas & do it with style. Let me tell you this if you get a hands-on of Van Dutch Yachts you not only going to show you are doing well for yourself, but you will do with “style and grace”.

Van Dutch design to perfection.
Van Dutch design to perfection.

Often, when you go to any boat shows around the world, Van Dutch is considered like the Bugatti’s of the sea. In my opinion, that’s a remarkable point just from the lines, style, power and luxury. It’s like driving a supercar or but here, we call it Yachting.


Founded only 10 years ago, in 2008, Van Dutch is young and full of swag. The first toy they introduced was the Van Dutch 40 in 2009 and has sold more than 135 units so far and now 10 years later they have an unbelievable line up starting from the Van Dutch 30 all the way to the VanDutch75.  


  • Van Dutch 30: Enjoy compact versatility disguised in luxury design. The 2018 Van Dutch 30 delivers the most sizable top deck of its class. Coupled with an equally impressive interior space, with a surprising size on a 30ft hull.


  • Van Dutch 40: Is an elegantly designed luxury yacht, with clean lines and flourishes courtesy of the globally-renowned Frank Mulder. Few yachts for sale can match the power, speed & luxury of the Van Dutch 40. Presented in a simplistic yet classical design also known as 40.2 justified through a modernization of onboard experience.


  • Van Dutch X: In 2018 Van Dutch introduced the everyday model, or in other words; for the quick getaway fishing trip with the fellows. Let’s just say it’s the perfect boat for that.


  • Van Dutch 55 & 56: The Van Dutch 56 is paramount in leisure, entertainment & performance.


  • Van Dutch 75: The big boy, the Van Dutch 75 luxury sports yacht is the most majestic member of the Van Dutch family. Fully load and right to splurge the sea.


As you can see Van Dutch goal is to stand out and bring the fun across the seas. If you are the kind of guy who needs to drop name in order to validate something, just know that some of the Van Dutch’s aficionado includes Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Dwyane Wade, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Cuban, Ryan Phillippe and Simon Cowell.

Will you be the next one flexing across the seas?

By Diego Aguiar @Di.r.a