galaxy-s7_cover_blogLet’s face it, do we really need a new phone? C’mon! Let’s be real, we all know our phones are playing a major part in our daily routine. However, does it justify we jump out of the boat every time the big power houses in the telecom industry are bringing up their new toys?

It seems like they came out with the 6th forgetting what happened to the 5th. We’re not only talking about the giant with the apple, and now they are bringing out the 7th. So it’s only right than when Samsung invited us back in their Galaxy, like Captain Kirk with the promise to save our world, we were dubious but oh tempted to discover it. So here we are entering the 7th Galaxy with the query of redefining what a phone can do. One thing is for sure, the S7 looks good and on the edge.

Design wise, the S7 is elegantly curved front and back, with the slimmest feel in our hand without compromising the big screen size. I don’t know how about you, but it’s exactly how we love them, right?  Fo’real! The S7 looks slick, beautifully smooth and solid. The dual-curve backs on it are the reason why this phone feel so comfortable when you hold it in your hand…even after dropping it in the water.

Some of the coolest feature this S7 brings along is an entire new galaxy of virtual reality with the Gear VR. Put on the Gear VR, and you’re there in the moment like Captain Kirk and Commander Spock. We all know the influence Star Trek had on the world outside of science fiction and it seems like its inspiration for several technological inventions, including the cell phone and tablet computers.

But let’s not get lost in the universe and let’s get back to the Galaxy S7. Its new breathtaking speed and power are a threat when you want to launch apps to playing games and streaming video, as everything happens faster and more smoothly. To top that, with microSD support you have the option to extend the storage capacity as you please. However, don’t get fooled. Yes, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have bigger batteries, and yes the custom CPU and highly advanced GPU ensure the batteries are used to their full potential but you won’t be able to get to the edge of the galaxy and back, if you see what I mean.

galaxy-s7_hardware_wirelesscharging_lLast but not least, as our world seems to be influenced by how we are portraying ourselves on Instagram or Pinterest, and many of the most photographable moments of our lives happen when there’s not enough light. It seems quite essential to have the right tool in our hand. The S7 low light performance and revolutionary focus are just the tools we ever dreamed off in our quest on social media acceptancy. Furthermore, the selfie flash becomes a dream coming true for all the dark knights out here.

Unquestionably, the Galaxy S7 edge is not just a new phone. It does bring a new way of thinking about what a phone can do. It does justify to jump off the boat and enter this new 7th galaxy.