I met this girl when I was 3 years old & what I loved most, she had so much soul.


Can I tell you how special Windy is? As most folks would know, she likes to blow trees and make folks straighten up their hat. If you’re soft, don’t come around her. From the older generation to the younger one, the state of mind is the same; when you are around her, you don’t crack, period. She doesn’t have time to play around, and she definitely doesn’t like to entertainers as they always leave her. Often, that’s when they will crack, but this is a whole other topic. Let’s focus on those who stay, and why they stay. Let’s focus on why she sees red and why she is so faithful to her Bulls.

Her presence can be felt such as goosebumps, transcended by Kanye’s Power, it gets you hyped. Your inner Bulls comes out. Your hands get itchy and your throat feels ready to scream and rally! Suddenly the camera shifts away from the gilts and glamour, it all becomes real. Windy shows her beauty through the lens of Duse but she never tells. Yet, her people are proud to sing how real they are. Their eyes never lie, even if they tell. These folks love her! You feel their pride, it mesmerizes you and your eyes glitter on the beat of their stories. You feel their hunger, you feel their realness and admire their passion.

It would be safe to say that as any respectable lady, she has many faces. This duality makes her intriguing and so charming. Windy is surrounded by creative minds but remains in the grips of gangsters. Her beauty lit up when by the sights of her skyscrapers and the Millennium Park. Still, she is quick to get cold on you when you talk about her ghetto. The Bulls glorious history and their recent spell of bad luck.

Upon all those faces one is profoundly threatening her good spirit; gun violence. Windy is concern by the fear of flying bullets that keep people inside and afraid to smile.


She has seen bullets impacting more than 600 people, that alone in 2016! Nowhere in the United States are people suffering this amount off deaths and it’s still getting worse! The numbers in 2016 are already 75% higher this time in 2015, according to the Chicago PD.

Can anyone cope with so much sorrow?  One would think that Windy and her beloved folks are swimming in tears. What keeps them going? Some say sports can be like opium to the mass. Just ask Windy and her love story with her Bulls.Windy is vigorous. Her folks feed off this energy. Everything they do, they do it with all they got: passion, desire and their oomph is felt. Just take a quick look at her minstrels and you’ll notice that it’s all about that energy. The likes of Mike Jenkis, Common, Vic Mensa, Lupe and Yeezy… they’re all about that oomph.


As we all know, love is contagious. Windy loves her Bulls so much that it can’t let you indifferent. Every year, millions of hearts are beating faster as the Bulls get further when spring comes along. When things are going South, it usually does too for Windy. As Kanye would said: “South-South-Southsiiiide!” She takes highs and lows to heart. Though, when her Bulls are lit, Windy comes back alive! The curtains of tears gloom  away as the first sights of hope enters with a whispering sound yearning for the ring! All these feelings are cast into one statue, His Airness!

Glory days. Indeed, the Michael Jordan statue at the United Center is Windy’s guardian angel and implies a sense of pride. His glory and spirit is always in and around her, just like her Bulls! Thus, it is safe to think that there will be a time when the United Center is the only place where battles are fought, when the Bulls will be the only soldiers and the tears will be of joy.

Once in a while, an apostle returns home after a long exile.The NBA All Star weekend 2020 brought the glitter and excitement back to the Chi…The city’ s been struggling for years now. So let’s just hope these past weekend festivities will sustain and keep the hope, the passion and desire instill by our beloved Windy.So the Bulls heart can still beat strong  for the city!

Chicago Skyline from North Avenue Beach by AIDYSTUDIO.
Chicago Skyline from North Avenue Beach by AIDYSTUDIO.

Kryme Dupay @dusemagazine