flipside1Stepping into the United Center in Chicago is already impressive, just by the size of the venue. It won’t take long before you find yourself bumping your head on some catchy beats with massive base blasting from those 160 woofers.  DJ Flipside Soundcloud

Being on the 1’s & 2’s for a Bulls game require some skills and flavor to entertain those 20.000 folks and keeping them out of their seats.

flipside2Keeping folks out of their seats is literally and figuratively what DJ Flipside, the co-founder of the Jump Smokers label, is doing on daily bases.

On B96 Chicago, “Flipside @5” has become the highest rated mix-show in the Midwest and helped DJ Flipside generate millions of views.

As a member of Jump Smokers, Flipside has co-produced official remixes for Pitbull, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Katy Perry & co.

flipside5Over the course of his career, DJ Flipside has been called many things, including: Jump Smoker – mix-show DJ – club rocker – producer – remixer – turntablist and innovator.

Born in Hoffman Estates, IL, Flipside embodied the international dimension of the Windy City though his musical performance. As Flipside would say: “Every culture in the world can be found in Chicago, just like the Bulls.” My guess is that it’s all about some international love.

What we love the most about Flipside’s work is his ability to bring life into a game, regardless the performance of the team on the court. The man will turn any doubters into a believer just by the touch of his fingers and his passion for music. If Flipside manages to make Jimmy Butler dancing to Taylor Swift , picture what he would do to you.