When it comes to dressing up Duse Magazine meant to come up with excellence. In this order, we are introducing SCABAL to our exclusive best-designer selection in Belgium, focusing on the iconic waistcoat.

Men have been uniquely shaped with distinguishing needs. So it’s only right, our clothes are made to be distinctively exquisite. SCABAL shares our idiosyncratic vision of lifestyle in this spirit that we are pleased to introduce you with a timeless piece: The Waistcoat.

Timeless gentleman’s staple, the waistcoat has stood the test of time, nowadays stating the quintessence of suiting for men. Versatile, the waistcoat or vest for our American confreres can be worn to complete a three-set suit or sported a casual look. With its cleans lines that flatter the masculine frames, whether it has been sewn in silk, tweed, or brocade, the luxury made to measure, SCABAL is turning this iconic piece into a masterpiece. Find out how.

Using techniques from London’s famed Savile Row on a tailored garment and since 1938, the Europe-based made-to-measure luxury Maison provides the best quality experience in the tailoring area. Single or double-breasted, each piece can be personalized down to the smallest detail, from finest luxury fabrics to the texture and design for an eye-catching fit. Each season SCABAL comes up with a fresh new collection of tailoring attire for all spots up, a manifesto of traditional and sophisticated know-how. Surrounded by a team of expert, clients are greeted and advised in an intimate exceptional and luxurious setting, a place where all the magic spark off.

Duse Magazine-CEO and former international basketball player, Duke Tshomba has pretty much conquered it all even when it comes to the style court. Breaking the rules and not being the regular guy is a mantra to Duke, and as the man, himself once said,

“as long as it is made to measure any cloth can fit a gentleman”

So when it comes to dressing up, Duke calls on the SCABAL expert team to give life to his creativity. SCABAL is a safe place that allows him to let his imagination and the endless possibilities taking over to polish his own style way. Lately, Duke called on SCABAL expert in Brussels to achieve a made-to-measure waistcoat, and on this one, a tartan-inspired fabric, from Scabal’s Saint Tropez collection with a texturized collar adorned with embroidery details was the right choice.

One more time, as long as it is made to measure, any cloth can fit a Gentlemen. So make sure to save this adress: Maison SCABAL, Rue du Chantier 5, 1000 Bruxelles Belgium.