“ Because brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone.”

DUSE Magazine

BMW X7 finally leaves the drawing boards and will become a real product in 2018. Little by little, more details about the new SUV were appearing all over the web, now it’s finally official.

The X7 has been in development for two years, several parts of the X7 structure will come from the smaller “brother”, the X5, They will share the same platform that will be on the new generation of the 7 Series sedan. So pretty much the X7 is essentially a BMW 7 series SUV, competing against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class and the upcoming Audi Q8. It also competes with the Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade, Lexus LX, and Lincoln Navigator. Of course, BMW doesn’t want to be behind in the SUV competition and we might say they are not joking about the new X7 it’s masterpieces.

The upcoming BMW X7 will be the firm’s largest SUV when it makes its debut sometimes in 2018. This seven-seater model is expected to be a colossal five-meters long. The interior, of course, is dominated by the huge digital panels. The cluster, for example, is 12.3 inches wide, but it gains the company of the entertainment system next to it besides huge individual screens for the passengers of the rear seats – the X7 takes six passengers, in fact, four of them with a right to this “big screen”.

BMW X7 DUSE Magazine
BMW X7 Interior Shot on DUSE Magazine

The panel flirts with artwork, with careful details like the air-conditioning triggers or the three-spoke steering wheel with unprecedented design. Attention is drawn to the hand support of the doors which is located far ahead so as to partially cover the buttons of the electric window actuators. The internal illumination in the prototype is superb, it looks like the car is almost a convertible, but this may not be as evident in the production version lets just wait and see.

On the outside, the BMW X7 also abused the proportions to the point of causing a certain shock. The narrow and long headlights contrast with the characteristic grille of the brand that has never been so great. Like it, the bumper is evident with huge vertical cutouts on the sides. The rear repeats the solution, but is less aggressive, despite the lanterns that unite by the trunk lid. On the side, the wheels deliver the size of the model: they are 23-inch rim!

BMW X7 DUSE Magazine
BMW X7 Exterior Shot on DUSE Magazine

The X7 still holds many secrets about its dimensions and propulsion. BMW restricts itself to saying that it is a hybrid SUV capable of running at zero emissions. The technology was dubbed eDrive (and whose name is present in the car’s speakers). It comprises a Twin Power turbocharged engine with an electric propulsion plug-in, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to know what it’s capable of.

For now, what BMW says is that the X7 is an interpretation of a future model that will debut in 2018, Its “Literally” a big year for BMW, like many are saying the X7 it’s a complete new beast, the big brother for the X5 is here to stay and make statement, we sure would not mind seen those beasts around town.

 Diego Aguiar @Dreiller